4 Ways That You Can Clean The Fabrics In Your Car

If you drive on a regular basis and you have done this for a couple of years now then you definitely know how irritating and frustrating can be to accidentally stain the fabrics in your car. You should be more careful about this especially if your car features beautiful and expensive fabrics inside. Still, if this has already happened to you have two options: if the problem is very serious then you can contact professional car fabric suppliers and get newer ones or you can try to clean the stains on your own. If you want to try cleaning your car fabrics then read this article and find out a couple of helpful tips and tricks.

  • Vinegar is best for common stains and spills. If you have just spilled beverages or foods then the problem might not be that great. Therefore, make sure that you use a mixture of hot water, 1 cup of vinegar and soap in order to remove the stains.
  • Rubbing alcohol also helps. If your kids have stained your car fabrics with ink from leaky pens then you shouldn’t panic. In most cases, rubbing alcohol can help but make sure that you proceed gently and cautiously, without spreading the stain. Also, clean most of the stain with paper towels and use hairspray as well, if rubbing alcohol doesn’t work for you.
  • Toothpaste can clean both your teeth and your car’s seats. Especially if you have lipstick stains on your car fabrics, you might want to use a bit of toothpaste in order to remove them. Make sure that the toothpaste is white and it doesn’t contain any gel.
  • Baking soda is excellent against unpleasant odors. This magic product can really eliminate the nasty odors in your car. Make sure that you sprinkle baking soda on the area that smells bad and then you vacuum it after 1 day.

PlayStation Brings a Car to Life

As computer games get more realistic, many developers are using a variety effects to immerse the players in the same scenes they can expect to see in the real world. When playing racing games, this often extends to using real life cars and giving the gamer the opportunity of racing a high performance car they might be lucky to see let alone drive.

However, between them Sony and Mercedes have managed to go one better – taking a car found in a game and turning it into a real driveable vehicle.

Whilst its’ unlikely that the car in question will be found among the cars for sale Fareham, the fact that the AMG Vision Gran Turismo car now exists in real life is sure to appeal to both gamers and car enthusiasts in equal measure.

The design of the car was inspired by Mercedes 1950′s classic racing cars, so it’s little wonder that Sony turned to Benz when creating their real world car.  Powered, by a twin turbo V8 engine and featuring traditional red and black interior design, the car has been worked on by both companies to ensure that it even sounds the same as the car which will be featured in the Gran Turismo 6 game.

Want To Know Some Perfect Travel Timing Ideas?

In a world of travelling, timing is key. Not only does it determine how much you are going to pay for the trip, but also how smoothly your trip will go. And everyone wants to have a wonderful experience from booking their flight to checking in at the hotel. It is prudent to check in for a flight online because this is the best way to get the best seat and you don’t have to stand in line at the airport. Below are the perfect travel timing ideas to ensure you have a wonderful trip:

Best days to fly

With a flexible search, you will learn how fares vary based on the day of the week. For domestic flights, for example, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are your best bet as you are going to save hundreds of dollars. This may also be true for internal flights. And book your flight four months in advance to save even more bucks.

Connection times between flights

For international and domestic flights, you need enough time to clear customs or go through the security to switch terminals. One hour can be a great deal. And you should note that connection times between flights may vary depending on the airline and airports.

Time you need to get to the airport

It is great to get to the airport at least two hours in advance. However, you can hone the equation depending on your situation. Recall that you need to look for airport parking slot if you will drive yourself to the airport. There is also screen checking, so you need to budget time to get through the security.

When should you cancel a hotel reservation?

Most hotels have specific cancellation guidelines, so there is no worry if you are looking to get partial or full refund. In general, you are required to cancel your hotel reservation two weeks or more in advance so as to avoid cancellation fees.

Understanding The Key Aspects Of A Funeral Arrangement Process

As much as people do not like talking about it, death is here with us and it happens when we least expect it. We plan for most things in our lives like marriage, birth of a new baby and graduation parties but shy away from planning for a funeral. This is perhaps one of the reasons why more people are venturing into the funeral services industry. They take care of the financing, transportation and formalities that go with making a successful funeral. As the family of the deceased, you are only required to pay a small monthly installment as part of an insurance cover while these companies do the rest.

  • People view funerals more like how they view weddings in this time and age. While some people are of the opinion that a funeral should be an open affair since it is a sad day in the life of those left behind, others want to keep it a private affair. For this reason, funeral homes have a challenge in obtaining vehicles that will suit every case of arrangement they engage in. Funeral operators that have it smooth are those that take advantage of bus hire services as part of their core business practice. Going this way ensures that you have adequate transport regardless of the number of people for which transport is being provided.

While it may not be possible to have standby vehicles waiting for an event to come up, funeral service operators have lease agreement which ensures that the vehicle they need is the one they have at any given time.

  • Organizing a funeral is a lot of work and during that time of grief, many people will be unable to do it by themselves. While some of us are lucky to have large families which would help us in such incidences, many more have no one to look up to. Religious organizations are very helpful when it comes to offering a comfort system for people who are experiencing loss. But, investing in a funeral insurance plan will save you the pressure of raising funds.

Councils Urged to Give Motorists 30 Minutes Free Parking

The Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles has called upon councils to do their “duty” and give motorists 30 minutes free parking near high streets. Claiming that those who do not do this are “failing in their duty” to residents and local businesses, Mr Pickles set out a plan to make life easier for motorists as well as “making high streets across the country more prosperous”.

Whilst his plans are likely to make him extremely popular with those motorists shopping at Abbeygate Cars Attleborough, it’s unlikely that they will be met quite so enthusiastically by the many councils in the UK who use parking fees and fines to make up deficits in their budgets.

In addition, some critics warned that the plans could cause “gridlock and chaos” within the town centres. However, Mr Pickles argued that “In terms of expensive car parking it really is cutting off the nose to spite the face, because the more you get in to the town centre, the more prosperous it becomes, the better it is and the more people feel that it’s like home. I know from personal experience that it does make a difference. If we are to make a difference to town centres, particularly if we are to protect our small shops, then [free parking for 30 minutes] is exactly the kind of measure that needs to be introduced. Those councils that don’t are failing in their duty.”

He also noted that the council in his own constituency, Brentwood and Ongar, had begun working on his recommendations, confirming “When they introduced half-an-hour free parking throughout the borough it made an enormous difference.”

Car sales increase by 4% over year

Customers searching for cars for sale in Mansfield have added to a significant rise in car sales for the month of October, figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders have shown.

In total, the number of new cars registered in October was 157,314 which show that October is the 20th month in a row to enjoy an increase in sales. The figures now mean that the total sales for the UK in 2013 is more than 1.95 million cars which is an increase of 4% on the same period in 2012.

If the projections put forward by the SMMT prove to be accurate than 2013 will be heralded as the most successful year for car sales since 2007.

Discussing the figures, RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “The new car market is very much an indicator for how well the economy is performing so it is encouraging to see that sales figures are heading for a six-year high and that the number of cars registered in October is up on last year.”

In releasing the figures, SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes added: “We anticipate more moderate growth as the market stabilises.”

Single Carriageway Roads More Dangerous Than Motorways

For many motorists, the prospect of driving on a motorway is not always welcome. However, recent research by the Road Safety Foundation has found that there are more risks on A-Roads than on Motorways and in terms of statistics, drivers on Motorways are less likely to meet an accident.

In addition, the same research revealed that some of the most dangerous roads in Britain are to be found in the East Midlands. The study compared A and B roads along with Motorways throughout the UK and found that although running off the road accounted for the largest single proportion of fatalities (30%), the second largest proportion of deaths on the road happened at junctions. A further 10% of deaths were caused by head on collisions.

Of course, neither junctions nor head-on collisions are factors which could be attributed to motorway driving and as a result, the survey concluded that, despite opinions to the contrary, more risks may present themselves to drivers on A-Roads.

Dr Steve Lawson, the Director of the Foundation discussed the findings of the survey saying “The specification that authorities currently set road managers is to reduce crash rates in general. That approach is too weak and must be replaced, because it muddles factors over which road managers have no control – such as car safety, hospital care and traffic levels – with factors very definitely under their control such as roadside safety barriers or junction layouts.”

The results of the survey may be particularly surprising for those new drivers who have yet to experience the difference between motorway and A Road driving and may be shopping for cars for sale Stevenage.

Driving Offence Sentences Reviewed

Following reports and concerns that the penalties and punishments handed out to those who commit serious driving offences are too lenient, Prime Minister David Cameron has confirmed that the Sentencing Council is to reassess their recommendations.

Mr Cameron revealed the news at Prime Ministers’ Question Time when one of his own ministers raised the issue of the deaths of Ross and Clare Simons which has occurred in the constituency of Kingswood.

Mr and Mrs Simons were killed when a serial offender with 11 convictions for driving when banned from doing so hit their tandem bike. Nicky Lovell who admitted the offence of Death by Dangerous Driving was sentenced to the maximum sentence of 8 years in May 2013.

The sentence received wide criticism, especially considering the previous form of Mr Lovell.

However, when questioned, Mr Cameron confirmed his condolences for the family of Mr and Mrs Simons and said “I can also tell you the Justice Secretary has asked the Sentencing Council to review the sentencing guidelines for serious driving offences and I think we should look at this specific case in the light of that. This is the most appalling crime – someone with 10 previous convictions, who is disqualified at the time, driving dangerously and killing two people, and snuffing out their lives,” he said.

The introduction of a new sentence is not only likely to appease the families of those who are victims of dangerous driving but also make the roads safer for those buying from car dealers Dundee.

Nissan Expand Note Production

Nissan have announced and begun a huge expansion plan which will see their plant in Sunderland now producing the Note. The plant is already the largest manufacturing facility in the UK but it is hoped that Nissans’ faith in the UK industry and workers will prompt other manufacturers to follow suit.

The move has created a further 2,000 jobs for the company which now employed 35,000 British workers

The Note Supermini which will now be made exclusively at the plant and then farmed out to dealers worldwide, including car dealers Dunstable.

This huge step shows an investment of £125 million with a grant of £9.3 million coming from the Governments’ Regional Growth Fund.

As he opened the official start of production, John Martin, Nissans’ Senior Vice President for Manufacturing, Purchasing and Supply said “I would like to congratulate all of my colleagues at the plant and in our supply base on the launch of this new model, and once again thank the UK Government for their ongoing support for the automotive industry.” He was joined by the UK Minister of State for Business and Enterprise Michael Fallon and the two discussed the Sunderland plant calling it “an international benchmark for productivity and quality as a result of the hard work and consistently high performance by the management and workforce”

US New Car Crisis

Many US based new car dealers were celebrating at the end of August 2013 as figures showed that over 1.4 million cars were sold throughout the month. The months’ figures put the total for the year at almost 13 million – a number not reached since 2007.

However, many dealers have suggested that the overall figure could have been higher had the manufacturers been able to supply higher numbers to meet the overwhelming demand.

The Wall Street Journal recently wrote an article suggesting that many garages and dealers were struggling for stock to sell as the manufacturers were having difficulty keeping up with the heavy demand. They told the tale of many new car dealers who usually carry between 10 and 20 models of a particular car only having 1 at the beginning of August.

For those customers looking for cars for sale in Berkshire, the news may have little impact as manufacturers often separate their new vehicles for the US and UK markets. However, there are potentially two outcomes which could have a large impact on UK buyers.

In the first instance, the trend may carry over to the UK. Although UK buyers tend not to follow their US counterparts to the letter, many trends do make it over the pond.

Secondly, and more significantly, if the increase and demand continues for new cars in the US, it is likely that manufacturers would turn their attention to the US market and the demands from there – at the disadvantage of UK customers.